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Juli's Persistent Iron Pallet

The iron pallet consists of bottom legs and face decking. The legs of the iron pallet are made of high-quality rectangular tubes. The face decking of the iron pallet is evenly distributed with C-shaped steel plates. The iron pallet has reasonable design, solid structure and strong bearing capacity. The surface is made of electrostatic spray plastic, which is environmentally friendly and beautiful. The size, style and color can be customized with reasonable iron pallet prices and exquisite iron pallets images.

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The Advantages of Iron Pallet

The iron pallet is made of high-quality steel and has high strength and load-bearing capacity. The iron pallet can bear a large amount of cargo weight and can support the cargo stably to avoid damage to the cargo during transportation or storage. Juli, one of the leading steel pallet suppliers, adopts a plastic spray surface treatment process, which has good corrosion resistance and long service life. In addition, this steel pallet box has anti-skid, anti-turning and other safety designs, which can ensure the safety of operators and avoid damage and loss of goods.

Why Choose Juli for Iron Pallet?

First of all, juli iron pallets have high load-bearing capacity. Compared with wooden pallets and other plastic pallets, iron pallets have higher strength and rigidity and can bear greater weight. This makes iron pallets suitable for loading heavy goods such as steel, machinery parts, etc. During the logistics transportation process, the use of iron pallets can ensure that goods are placed stably and safely, and reduce damage to goods caused by damage or deformation of the iron pallet.

Secondly, juli iron pallets have good durability and stability. Due to their strong and durable nature, iron pallets usually have a long service life and are not prone to damage or deformation. This not only reduces the frequency of iron pallet replacement, thereby reducing costs, but also ensures long-term transportation efficiency and cargo safety. In addition, the iron pallet can still maintain good stability when subjected to large pressure and is not prone to overturning or sliding, further improving safety during transportation.

As an important loading and transportation tool, iron pallets have broad application prospects in the logistics and warehousing industries. By understanding its advantages and application scenarios, iron pallet companies can better select and use iron pallets to achieve efficient, safe and environmentally friendly logistics transportation and we offer best iron pallet prices and showcase impressive iron pallets images. With the continuous advancement of technology and the diversified development of application requirements, the design and performance of iron pallets will continue to be optimized and improved, making greater contributions to the development of the logistics industry.

Specification of Iron Pallet

Outer Dimensions(mm)Inside Dimension(mm)ColourSurface TreatmentLoad Bearing(kg)Material Quality
Electrostatic Spray Molding1000High-Quality Carbon Steel
Electrostatic Spray Molding1000High-Quality Carbon Steel
Electrostatic Spray Molding2000High-Quality Carbon Steel
Electrostatic Spray Molding2000High-Quality Carbon Steel
/CustomizationElectrostatic Spray MoldingCustomizationHigh-Quality Carbon Steel

Juli Iron Pallet Applications in Different Industries 

  • Food processing industry: Iron pallets can store food raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished products. This facilitates production management for businesses, with customizable colors for easy categorization. Iron pallets are easy to clean and disinfect, effectively preventing bacterial growth and cross-contamination. Different hole and groove designs can be customized as per specific business requirements.

  • Medical industry: Iron pallets can be used to store medical equipment, medications, reagents, and other items. Due to their good antibacterial properties and easy-to-clean features, steel pallets can effectively reduce the risk of infection. Different specifications and sizes can be customized according to requirements to meet the diverse usage needs in different scenarios.

  • Retail industry: Iron pallets can be used for displaying and arranging merchandise in large supermarkets and stores. Their customizable colors and specifications can meet aesthetic needs, effectively enhancing the display of products and attracting customers' attention.

  • Rubber industry: Iron pallett have waterproof and corrosion-resistant properties, steel pallets prevent moisture, deformation, and corrosion, effectively protecting rubber products from damage during storage and transportation. This significantly enhances transportation efficiency.Besides, iron pallets are easy for forklift handling and stacking, making them more efficient in raw material storage and finished product transportation during the rubber production process. This reduces the labor intensity of workers, enhances work efficiency, and ensures a safer warehouse management process.The long lifespan of steel pallets helps reduce operational costs for businesses.

  • Agricultural sector: Iron pallets can store agricultural supplies such as pesticides and fertilizers. In the environmental protection sector, they can be used for waste sorting and recycling. In the construction industry, they can store building materials and more.

FAQ of Iron Pallet

1 What is the load-bearing capacity of the iron pallet?

The iron pallet can bear 1-3 tons.

2 What is the size of the iron pallet?

Iron pallets come in different sizes, the conventional ones include L1200*D1000, etc.

3 Can the iron pallet withstand heavy load use?

The iron pallet has a stable structure and has the strongest load-bearing capacity among pallets, and can withstand heavy loads.

4 What materials are used in the construction of iron pallets?

The iron pallet is divided into bottom legs and face plates, both of which are made of high-quality steel.

5 How should iron pallets be cleaned and maintained?

Use clean water or soapy water to clean. Be careful not to use steel balls and highly corrosive cleaners to avoid scratching the surface.

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