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Portable stack racks: a good helper for your warehouse management and logistics transportation

Portable stack racks, also known as pallet racks, have four poles that can be disassembled. 

The product can be made by spraying or galvanizing. 

With the electrostatic spraying function, paint can be well attached to the product. The ability of corrosion resistance and wear resistance is high. It won't damage the environment at all.

This technology can customize the product color, and different colors can help forklift drivers recognize directions and also help warehouse management employees to track product information. Eye-catching colors and sturdy product quality greatly enhance warehouse management efficiency and security.


Real scene shooting picture

Galvanizing refers to the surface treatment technology of coating a layer of zinc on the surface of the product for aesthetics and rust prevention. After the metallurgical combination of the galvanized layer and steel, it makes the plating part of the steel surface have strong persistence. Meanwhile, the toughness of the galvanized layer can withstand mechanical damage. Lower maintenance costs effectively reduce management fees and expand the lifespan of warehouse equipment.


Galvanized Pallet

Portable pallet racks can be stacked vertically 4-5 layers. According to usage scenarios, it can be divided into Universal Product, Multi-layer Product, and Fence Type Product. The Universal Product usually stores a fixed layer of goods, the Multi-layer Product can place multiple layers, and the Fence Type Product can protect goods from sliding. The poles of Multi-layer Products and Fence Type Products have perforations, which can be adjusted according to your requirements.


Product stack diagram

The peak of the pole has a rust prevention plug, which can effectively enhance the product's lifespan. The standard specification is 47.244*47.244*55.118 inches, but it can be customized according to your requirements. The base foot is designed with a large contact area with the bottom surface, making forklift operation convenient and improving warehouse management security.


Warehouse real picture

When the pallet is empty, it can be stacked or transported, greatly saving vertical space. In conclusion, the product is mainly used with forklifts, allowing you to utilize your warehouse height space efficiently. It secures your warehouse, has over 30 years of usage life, and can also be recycled when scrapped, reducing warehouse management and operating costs. It is a good helper for your warehouse management and logistics transportation.

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